Welcome to NULeatherworks

Hello, my name is Kerri Eagle-Moore and I spend my time designing and making useful and attractive products from leather. I work from my home in the beautiful North Yorkshire Dales in the UK.

All the leather I use is waste and off-cuts from the leather industry which would otherwise be on its way to landfill. Any hardware that I need, such as buckles, metal fastenings, etc., are upcycled from  second-hand handbags from local charity shops and jumble sales. Subsequently, each piece I make is essentially unique. The "NU" in NULeatherworks reflects this - something New from Upcycled sources.

I arrived in the wonderful world of leather from a practical background of life-long crafting and DIYing (an essential skill when you live in a very old house!).

Many thanks are due to Jason Stocks-Young at Diamond Awl in Oldham for his contagious enthusiasm for this wonderful craft!